We started a Pinterest board called Bacon Beckons! a couple weeks ago. I felt like I’ve failed you and our Pinterest followers for not being able to overload that board with some bacon awesomeness sooner, but here I am, bearing a new post that hopefully will redeem myself – I give you Bacon Amazeballs!

bacon amazeballs

There are just too many amazing things about this uber easy recipe that I don’t even know quite where to start. So I’m just going to list the top 4 Amazingness of Bacon Amazeballs that hopefully will make you a believer, that is, if I didn’t have you at “bacon” already :) Here goes:

Amazingness #1. It’s got BACON in it. Need I say more? Duh-uh. Of course it’s going to be amazing! Pre-bake 6-8 strips of bacon with brown sugar and ground pepper. Oh boy, I tell ya it was hard to restrain myself from nibbling away/gulping down those shiny sparkling goodness that just beckons at you when you pull them out of the oven, but I promise you, the wait will be worth it! Crumble the bacon strips into small pieces and set aside.


Amazingness #2. You really only need 3 ingredients: Immaculate Baking® Buttermilk Biscuits, bacon, and cheddar (I used a big cheddar block, but shredded cheddar would also do the trick).


Flavor Amp-Up: I like my bacon with bit of a kick, so I also added chopped jalapeño peppers.

Amazingness #3: It’s a great VALUE, because a single can of our Buttermilk Biscuits will make 16 Bacon Amazeballs! You’ll have plenty enough to go around without the drama of fighting over the last one. Oh okay, who are we kidding? That always happens anyways.

Amazingness #4: It’s IMPOSSIBLY EASY! So easy that I don’t even think I should call it a recipe! Preheat the oven to 350 degree F as instructed on the biscuit can. Pop open a can of Immaculate Baking Buttermilk Biscuits, half each biscuit round, flatten the dough, and start piling on the crushed bacon pieces, cheddar and chopped jalapeño peppers (if desired). Fold over dough to ball up all ingredients. Pop the Amazeballs in the oven and bake as instructed on the can for 16-18 minutes.

Garnish Tip: Quick eggwash over the Amazeball and sprinkle on some white sesame seeds.


And in reward for your 16-18 minutes of patient anticipation, this is what you get:


Didn’t I tell ya it would be worth the wait? bacon recipe card




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75 responses to “BACON AMAZEBALLS!

  1. chef tommy

    I seldom comment but I am very impressed with Amazeball recipe as I am getting on in years (where did my energy go?) and am looking for interesting, not from scratch, recipes.

    • bettercookies

      Hey Chef Tommy! We’re so glad that you liked this recipe! We’ll definitely be coming up with more easy-peasy no muss no fuss food ideas! Stay tuned!

  2. jalapeno peppers fresh or pickle master jerk

  3. chris

    SOUNDS AMAZING !! Can’t wait to try it !

  4. julie

    I’ve got to try jthis

  5. Dahlia

    Looks delicious going to try this for thanksgiving

  6. Haven’t tried recipe yet. But it sounds great

  7. S. Knight

    I’ve never tried brown sugar on bacon, how
    much brown sugar do you put on the bacon?

    • bettercookies

      About 1/4 cup of firmly packed brown sugar should do the trick! I just sprinkled it on as I liked it :) The black pepper helps balance out the caramleized sweetness!

  8. Two word for this one…..A….Mazing! My hubby and the kids made these as is was there weekend to do breakfast while mom slept. They were a big hit and super easy. Please try these folks…

  9. honeybunny

    What kind of cheddar do you recommend?

  10. Linda Drummy

    Would you consider this an appetizer or as part of the meal, replacing the rolls? Looks so yummy and can’t wait to make these!!!

    • bettercookies

      Hmm, I think it might depend on how big you make them – if you half the dough to make the Amazeballs smaller, it would be a perfect appetizer. If you decide to use the whole biscuit dough and stuff in extra filling, then it could totally pass as an entree item!

  11. Elizabeth Brennan

    My daughter is allergic to eggs and cheese (dairy) any substitution suggestions?

    • bettercookies

      The best part about the Amazeballs is that you can really customize it to your liking, so feel free to leave out the cheese! There may be other soy or vegan cheese option if you’re still thinking of including some of that cheesy flavor and texture! Hope this helps!

  12. dan

    this is what i am looking for as a new appitizer for thanksgiving! thanks

  13. Taina Robinson

    How do u keep them warm.

  14. Lana

    I used pickled jalepinos and leftover panfried bacon and it worked just fine. This is a delicious, easy recipe! I would like to try it with the brown sugar on it too.

  15. Linda Khadem

    How long do you cook the bacon?

    • bettercookies

      Bake until crispy and glazed! 10-15 minutes should do the trick, since it will go back in the oven with the biscuits afterwards!

  16. Joyce

    How do you make the eggwash?

  17. Ruth E

    I wonder if you could use puff pastry rather than biscuits. Anyone ever try it with puff pastry?

    • bettercookies

      Hmm Ruth that sounds interesting… I want to say that you can’t really go wrong with bacon-stuffed anything! Really hope you’ll give our goodies a try, but if you do end up experimenting wtih the puff pastry, would love to hear how that goes!

  18. Do you continue to bake for any additional length after applying the egg wash and sesame seeds?

  19. What temp are you baking the bacon at? for how long?

    • bettercookies

      Hey Jen, there are several candied bacon recipes out there, it may be best to bake the oven around 325-350F for 15-20 minutes so the bacon strips don’t burn! Hope this helps and that the Amazeballs will make your holiday parties ahhh-mazing!

  20. Erin K

    I made these today for my tabletop gaming group and wanted to share my experience and suggestions.
    I had never baked bacon before so I checked several websites. They all said 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes. I put the bacon in the oven and jumped in the shower, by the time I got out (~14 minutes later) smoke was pouring from the oven. My poor bacon had become carbon rectangles. I did some more research and found that brown sugar burns at 350 degrees. So I turned the oven to just below 350 and tried again, checking the bacon frequently. It took about 13 minutes and came out BEAUTIFUL! Make sure to put foil on your cookie sheet and only coat one side of the bacon with the brown sugar so the bottom side doesn’t adhere to the foil.
    Let the bacon cool completely then chop it well. It’s VERY sticky from the sugar so don’t bother trying to crumble it.
    For the egg wash I used one egg yolk mixed with one tsp of water. This gives it a shiny golden brown finish.
    I was just finishing my amazeballs when I realized I had vegetarians at my function!!! I chopped some fresh basil put it in the center of the dough, added a few drops of olive oil, cheddar, diced tomato and a sprinkle of kosher salt. They turned out amazeballing!
    They were a huge hit and gone in a flash. I’ll be sure to make them again.

    • bettercookies

      Hey Erin! I’m so glad it worked out! And yeah there are several candied bacon recipe and yes they do burn very quickly. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I think you just made a lot of people’s holiday dinner a little bit more “Immaculate” :)

  21. Sammy

    Tried these and loved them! Can the amazeballs be made the day before,then just pop them into the oven?

    • bettercookies

      Hey Sammy! It should be fine, though I personally prefer baking up the dough as soon as it’s popped out of the can since that’s how you get the best result!

  22. Rosie

    Hi. I just stumbled upon this recipe while searching the web for something entirely different. I’m glad I did. One question, I do not know of the brand of bisquits you are referring to. Can I use Pilsbury Grand bisquits instead? I’m assuming they would probably bake up the same, right? I cant wait to try these for a Christmas appitizer. Thanks!

    • bettercookies

      Hey Rosie! We would love it if you would give Immaculate Baking a try! Our biscuits are made with simple, wholesome and non-GMO verified ingredients, and we have been told that they taste pretty fab:) We hope you’ll check out our online store locator at so you can find stores near you that carry our goodies! If you’d like a coupon to try, please email us your home address at, we’d be more than happy to hook you up!

  23. Lindsay

    So making these tonight!!!!!!!!

  24. JenniferB

    How fantastically simple is this recipe?! I don’t even have to make them to know that they’re going to be a regular staple, as the flavor and meal combinations seem endless…sweet/savory for breakfast, different cheeses (I can see this being amazing with blue or parmesan cheese), etc.

    Do you offer a gluten-free version of the biscuit dough used in the original recipe?

    • bettercookies

      Thanks, Jennifer! We think this is a pretty ahhhhmazing recipe too :) Unfortunately, we don’t have any gluten free options for our canned dough just yet… but we’re always working on new products, and will certainly share your feedbacks with our team! Thanks again, and I can’t wait for you to try this recipe, and maybe put a little bit of your own twist to it :)

  25. These look so good!!! Going to make for NYE.

  26. It looks real good,can’t wait to make it.

  27. misty

    Thanks for this easy appetizer idea:)-I was trying to figure out what I should make for a Christmas party that I’m attending to.
    More of an idea-I’m going to change it up a bit.I’m going to try a little bit of marinara sauce in each one,crushed pinnaple and dried chopped onions in them with the bacon and cheese.I’ll call it my hawaiian pizza balls:-)

  28. bill

    i want some right now!

  29. robert

    what the hell is egg wash

    • bettercookies

      Hey Robert! Egg wash is when you brush the dough with a mixture of egg yolk, egg whites and water. It gives the final baked goods a nice shiny golden coating!

  30. Maureen

    Can you make ahead and reheat these, what is the best method to reheat?

  31. Danette Poole

    What temperature would you to recommend to reheat these?

  32. Chefywanabe

    Sounds so good. I’m going to have to try them out for Christmas Eve party at work. We’ll thank you for sharing

  33. Coleen

    When I was ready to make these, I couldn’t find recipe!! I made it from memory and had to substitute some.
    Used crumbled pepper bacon, and mixed it with 8 oz. cream cheese, omitted peppers. Brushed with egg wash and didn’t use seeds to garnish. Turned out really really yummy! Will try original recipe next time lolo. Thanks!

    • Coleen

      Oh, I also FROZE them up for two days later! Lowered oven temp to 350 for 18 min. or so, and they turned out great!!

    • bettercookies

      Hey Coleen! Love that you improvised!

      • Joyce

        Made these the other day with another brand of biscuit. My store doesn’t carry the Immaculate brand. Used regular cooked bacon, shredded cheddar cheese and green onions, no egg wash and no sesame seeds…SO good. Will make the traditional recipe next time.

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