Pride and Prejudice

“I’m proud of you.” This is not me speaking to one of my children. Instead, it’s my 7 year old speaking to me. He may be biased, but he begs me to take him to work where there is bound to be something baking. The office smells good, and we eat a lot of salads to balance out the cookie tasting we do. My son loves participating, and everything he tastes, different recipes – more chocolate, less cinnamon, orange infusions — no matter, all baked goods at mommy’s work taste PERFECT.


I receive crazy phone calls — other moms asking if it’s true that I work for a cookie company. I sample our treats from the trunk of my car, I am most favored nation in the school pick-up line. Everyone 12 and under thinks I have the BEST job, and I tend to agree. Certainly, our children can glamorize the work we do, regardless of our profession, but like them, I am proud of what I do. I work for a groovy, fun, sweet company. We eat cookies and look at art and bring dessert to every party. There is no 3PM slump in our office.

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