R & D

Research and Development

Lots of folks want to know how we go about developing a product – it’s a cool process that involves lots of eating and frowning and eating and discussion and negotiation and eating . . . Take our buttermilk biscuits, for example. I spent years in Atlanta and like to think that I know a good biscuit when I taste one. I would sneak over to The Flying Biscuit Flying Biscuitin Candler Park whenever I could and carb load on biscuits and grits. I know every Southerner worth his or her salt will have their own opinion on the perfect biscuit, but it’s a big country, and we committed to using only natural ingredients. So we want a fast, fantastic-tasting, authentic buttermilk biscuit with little cleanup and good ingredients that can sit in the grocer’s refrig for a bit . . .and then in your fridge for a bit. . . with NO preservatives. It’s a tall order, and one that’s been in the works for a while. I’m hooked on ‘em, and they taste all the better knowing how hard we worked on the recipe.


Happy Baking

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