Immaculate Weekend

A big “Immaculate” weekend: I had a dinner party to go to on Friday night, so I rolled some Gingerbread Spice Dough in sugar, and baked off a few dozen.

Dipping Gingerbread Spice in Sugar

Sugar Dipping

When I arrived at the host’s door with warm cookies, I was ushered in. I’m always torn – do I pass them off as my own or sing the praises of Immaculate? I did the latter – too good to keep a secret . . . Many of us here in the Boston office spent one or both days this weekend baking cookies at the local Whole Foods Markets. I did my stint on Saturday in Swampscott. I get the pity look when my friends hear I have to “work” on the weekends, but it’s not really a chore. If you think about it, we’re baking cookies. And who doesn’t like a cookie? So there’s frazzled shoppers taking a break for buttermilk biscuits, and the employees in the store come by for Chocolate Peppermint after their shifts. A while back, a friend told me that his favorite job had been a summer when he delivered flowers. “Everyone loves getting flowers, so they are happy to see you.” Well, people seem to like the cookie bakers as well.

Chocolate Dipped Gingerbread Spice

Chocolate Dipped

Happy Baking . . .

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