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New World Record Holders

This week, I interrupt my more serious blog topic to bring you some news of the weird.

Last week, I was flipping through one of the local rags while I was waiting to get my haircut. When I stumbled across the headlines that read “World’s Biggest Cookie Unveiled by World’s Largest Man,” my heart dropped…. but first a little background.

As many of you may or may not know, a few years back, we did what may seem to be a weird/ambitious thing; IBC baked the World’s Biggest Cookie.” It was done as a fundraiser for the Folk Artist’s Foundation, and while we pulled it off, it wasn’t without some extreme hard work, luck, and the help of some good friends. It may sound silly, but it was probably one of the most difficult, exciting, and daunting tasks that I’ve ever been involved with. You see, it took us nine months of planning and hard work. During the planning, lots of obstacles came up.  How big would ours be? How would we bake something that big? How would we lay the dough? Who would handle logistics? How would we publicize it? How would we pay for it? Eventually, the subject of weather came up, something we couldn’t control or plan around. Still, our team insisted we needed to devise a rain plan. At the time, the answer was “Well, we’ll delay a day at a time until it stops, and then we’ll bake the cookie.” Fast-forward nine months, and you can probably guess what happened…it rained.  I’m not talking about a light sprinkle; I’m talking about more monsoon-like conditions. It was about as bad as it gets, and it nearly broke our backs and spirits. But somehow we got a lucky break. The clouds subsided, and the sky cleared. We had to scramble to get the pan dry (thanks volunteers!) and lay the cookie dough out ahead of schedule. After that we needed to get it covered just in case the sky decided to open up on us again. The rain held off as we laid dough and as the cookie baked.  We got lucky, as a matter of fact, and it didn’t rain again for 18 hours. The next day, after 11 hours in the oven, we unveiled a 38,000 lb, 102 foot, record-breaking cookie.  Because of our bold effort to proceed, we’re in the record books, on TV, and a part of history (and still being featured on the Food Network 6 years later!!).

Now back to those headlines; you can imagine how I felt this past week when I opened a local paper and saw the story. As I read a little further, I discovered that the press didn’t exactly do their homework. The article stated that in Oslo, Norway a very large Norwegian dude (8’1” tall) had unveiled a very large “gingerbread man.”  The cookie was indeed a record for a giant gingerbread man- it weighed in at 1435 lbs-but a far cry from our record for biggest cookie. I had to laugh because, for a second, I thought to myself, “There’s no way we are doing this again!” The competitive spirit had definitely caught up with me.

Anyway, for any of you that follow such things and became concerned that we had lost out on our record, fear not! Our cookie is slightly bigger (by about 27 times in weight)! If you haven’t seen the pictures, I encourage you to check them out in the Our Company section of our website.  They are pretty amazing.  Until next time…

Anyway, we’re very happy for the record setters and happy that we don’t have to break the record again!

Just to to Clarify–We are still the bakers of the “Worlds Biggest Cookie” !!! ….whew!

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