More, more, more.

quarter the dough

I just had a slew of boys sleeping over, and I’ve noticed that in addition to taste, quantity is a huge issue when it comes to good kid food. So when the bleary-eyed crew woke up, I preheated the oven and made scones, scones, and more scones. To emphasize the abundance and pass along variety, I cut the dough in quarters before baking. The result was some two-bite blueberry and cinnamon chip scones, warm from the oven and charging the kids up for an AM round of basketball. It is March Madness, after all.

two bite blueberry scones

One thought on “More, more, more.

  1. Laura says:

    I’m pretty sad about your scones. While I haven’t checked out any of your other products, I bought your cranberry orange scones and there is no orange in them. As in no orange rind, orange juice, orange zest, or orange pulp. No orange written anywhere in the ingredients. Nor citrus, nor lemon or any other real fruit substituted to make the orange flavor. Just “natural flavoring,” palm oil flakes and palm oil shortening. My cooking is much more natural.

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