The Impatient Mom’s Guide to Frenzied Baking: School Project Edition.

You know the drill – if you’ve been around small people who attend school, it happens to the best of us. Somewhere between the after school snack – which is before the pre-dinner snack – and baseball practice, one child tells me about his homework. There are the usual suspects: math, spelling, writing a paragraph, and “I need to bake a big cookie.”

I am stunned. Baking? Now? For tomorrow? What KIND of cookie, dearest offspring? “Gluten-free.” Of course. . . .”And in the shape of Georgia.” The shape of Georgia? Yup.

So mommy dearest swings into action lecturing first about not waiting to announce these things until the last minute and what if mommy did not work for the best cookie company in the world? So there we are, me-n-Max, preheating, taking a trial package of GLUTEN FREE Brownie cookie dough and rolling it out. Then, of course, before it is done, tracing Georgia on paper and putting it on the large cookie, cutting and baking until complete. A huge success, an odd assignment – nervous breakdown avoided. Plus it was cool to see and tasted great. Sweet Georgia Brownie.

Half-Baked: Tracing Georgia

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