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College Cooking

I recently became an intern here at Immaculate Baking Company, and it’s been a unique work experience. This is not what you typically think of as an internship. There is no running out to get coffee, making copies, or sorting through endless piles of mail. Instead, I am given responsibilities and tasks that are a great addition to my classroom education. And the best part about it: I don’t mind bringing my work home with me! (Cookie dough, biscuits, etc.)

Cooking for the roommates

As a senior at Merrimack College, we are provided on campus housing in apartments that have bedrooms, bathrooms, a common room, and yes, a kitchen. That means no more waiting in line at the cafeteria for food that is not nearly as good as a home cooked meal. But with the new found love for my own kitchen comes the daunting task of cooking my own food. I have to go from helping Mom out in the kitchen, to cooking entirely on my own. My roommates and I are not experienced chefs, to say the least, and although we have had some successes in the kitchen, we have also had some complete disasters.

Dessert is served!

That is where Immaculate Baking Company saves the day! With their easy to bake products, cooking on my own doesn’t seem so intimidating. I began my college cooking experiments with IBC’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough. I placed the perfectly proportioned dough on a cookie sheet and popped them in the oven. My kitchen began to smell of warm chocolate chip cookies, and my roommates peeked out of their bedrooms to see what I was up to. When they were done baking, we each poured a glass of milk and enjoyed. They raved about the delicious taste, and asked if I could bring my “work” home with me more often.

Ali's first bite

Dan finishes the batch

With the success of the Chocolate Chip Cookies, I already feel more confident in the kitchen. I plan to further develop my cooking skills with the help of Immaculate Baking Company’s various products!

What’s Next? Tune in next week to hear about my adventures with Cinnamon Rolls.

Maria and Ali watch "How I met your Mother"

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