Dorm Breakfast

Most college students roll out of bed 30 minutes before their first class begins, leaving them time to get dressed, get their books together, and maybe grab a granola bar to eat on their way out the door. Therefore, I decided it would be a nice change to actually take the time to make breakfast for my roommates one morning. I took a vote amongst them, and Immaculate Baking’s Cinnamon Rolls were the hands-down winner!

The next day, waking up earlier than I normally would, I walked into the kitchen to begin baking with my pajamas still on and my hair a mess. I preheated the oven, and then unrolled the dough into separate cinnamon rolls. I put them in the oven and waited, while the smell of cinnamon began to take over the kitchen. I woke up my roommates, and we created sticky masterpieces with the frosting. Since we had extras, our lucky friends downstairs got to help us eat them. That day, class didn’t seem to drag on as much, and we felt full and satisfied through lunchtime.

I’m hoping to take my cooking to the next level and try a more complicated recipe this time. Any suggestions? Check back next week to see what I selected as my college cooking challenge!

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