Holiday Cookie Swap

From the intern trenches here at Immaculate, Krista writes about adding variety to your holiday baking by sharing and exchanging cookies with friends and family.

Planning a Holiday Cookie Swap

Homemade baking is the best part of the holiday season. However, with all of the holiday hubbub, making everything from scratch can be time consuming and a great deal of work. As a result, that cookie swap or holiday party you planned on having gets left behind in the land of “things I wanted to do but didn’t have time.” Some even find themselves calling out of that anticipated cookie swap because they didn’t have time to bake and contribute.

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So how do you contribute tasty cookies without spending hours in the kitchen? With Immaculate Baking Company’s Ready-To-Bake cookies of course! With our many varieties of cookies (my favorites are chocolate peppermint and gingerbread spice), you can reduce your time in the kitchen and spend it with family instead. Just open a refrigerated pack of our cookies, break, and bake in 10-12 minutes. It’s as easy as that, homemade taste without the homemade time and effort!

Now for the cookie swap…

Confirm how many of your invited guests will be able to attend. Let each guest know how many cookies they need to make (or in our case, bake!)

Avoid duplication of cookies by asking guests to RSVP and tell you about the cookies they will bring. Make sure each guest brings an ingredient listing. Since many people have food allergies, it’s important they know the ingredients in the cookies at your party. Just a reminder, here at Immaculate Baking Company, we also have a gluten an dairy free cookie for guests with gluten and dairy sensitivities.

Exchanging cookies is easy. Have guests rotate around the table, taking one cookie from each platter until all the cookies are gone.

Plan a door prize! A holiday ornament, a cookie cookbook, a pretty apron, or a nice serving platter. At the end of the swap, draw a name and one lucky guest goes home with a holiday gift!

Everyone leaves the party with cookies, a recipe or two, and their new                                                      favorite friend, Immaculate Baking Company!

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