Baker Queen Mom Shows Us How It’s Done

While I was polling the office crew about making a gingerbread house from our dough, I was leery of approaching our Overachieving Baker Queen Mom. She has so much on her plate, and I didn’t want to distract her. Eventually, I did, though, assuring her that I was just asking her expert opinion. She promised me that I could do it. We left it at that. As MY Gingerbread House was crumbling, Jung A emailed me saying that she was working on her own house as a family holiday activity.

In the previous blog, I shared my own fun, delicious disaster, but here, I am sharing these GORGEOUS images from Jung A’s fun, beautiful, patient Gingerbread House adventure. Amazing. It speaks for itself. So, if you are a Baker Queen or King, you should know that indeed, our cookie dough CAN help you create something like this!Plus, there are gingerbread children!!

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