Fast dessert!

Apple Turnover in minutes

Wow, we’ve had some snow here in the Northeast, and we’ve all been working pretty hard with those shovels. While we are not a dessert-every-night family, I’ve found cookies more frequently gracing our table after dinner – easy to pop a few Chocolate Peppermint cookies in the oven.

Dessert on the fly.

Last night, though, I had 2 apples way past their prime that were staring at me while I was making dinner. While I cooked, I took one Immaculate Baking pie crust from the package and let it sit on my counter.

I figured a few apples wouldn’t make a whole pie, but maybe one big turnover. After dinner, we were sitting at the table, talking about our day. The oven was still on from dinner, and I grabbed a bowl, baking dish, the crust, the apples, some sugar and cinnamon and sat right back down. While we sat there for a few minutes – really a few minutes – I peeled, chopped, spiced. I unrolled the crust into the baking dish, plopped the sugary, cinnamony apples into it, folded it in half, crimped a bit and popped it in the oven.


In no time, we were enjoying some fresh apple “pie.” Yum.

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