A Sweet Basket for Your Valentine

Valentine's Basket

Here in Boston, we can’t even find our mailboxes for the snow. And then I learned Valentine’s Day was on a MONDAY. Ugh. These days, my family and I move from shoveling to snuggling and that’s about it. So when I was thinking about what might make this Valentine’s Day special. . . .I was inspired a bit differently than usual. First off, let me say that I’m declaring this weekend Valentine’s Weekend. I know I am not alone in this. I’ve decided to make these perfect Valentine’s Baskets for friends and family. And with all the right goods, it took me half an hour of active time. An hour with cooling.

I used some heart cookie cutters and heart-shaped spring form pans. Plus, I grabbed three  package of my favorite Immaculate Baking goodies: Blueberry Scones, Chocolate Chunk Supremes, and Crescent Rolls. I used the cookie cutters and spring pans for the scones and rolls and left the cookies in their “natural” shape.

Gathering Supplies

Forming the scones

Then I unrolled the crescent rolls, made heart shapes with the cookie cutters, rolled them in turbinado sugar, and I set to baking. The bigger scones in the pans took a bit longer than usual, and the crescent hearts took less baking time. So while I was watching the oven, I gathered a basket, lined it in a cool cloth napkin, and made a little heart-shaped card. It was a perfect goodie basket. What’s your plan for Valentine’s Weekend?

Crescent puffs

Add a card and you're done!

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