I’ll just have half. . . .

“I’ll just have half. . . “

Salad before dessert.

Have you heard this line before? Spoken it? Here around the office, we eat lots of salads come lunch time; we do this because there is a lot of dessert involved with our jobs. Sometimes, we take a little nibble of a cookie and pick on it all day long. When we’re being honest with ourselves, we just carry the darn thing to our desk, knowing we’re going to eat the whole thing – and probably two more —  anyway.

But it’s bathing suit season and picnic season. There are graduation parties and BBQs and not enough hours in the day. In the past week, I have been to a dance recital, a violin recital, a graduation, a soccer jamboree, and an end-of-year school assembly. Each involved food, which meant I was cooking or baking daily. And eating. What you’ll find here is a practical solution to saving some money, some time, and some semblance of a waist-line. Welcome to the half-club.


All the equipment you need!

I had 30 minutes before an event yesterday, and I needed to feed a class of 25 and a few dieting teachers. I grabbed 2 cans of scones (1 cinnamon chip and 1 blueberry), preheated the oven, unwrapped and popped. Then I cut the whole column of scones in half, making 16 instead of 8, rolled them in sugar, put them on a cookie sheets, and voila – about 15 minutes later I had perfect half-scones – and I had 32 of them!

Children are little and eat little things, adults try their best to eat little, and we all love to save time and money! I ate one on the way to school, but 31 scones arrive safely, and I bought an empty plate home.


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