Pie-Palooza, Part 2: Dessert!

I love Wednesdays — aside from it being the middle of the work and school week and keeping an eye on the weekend weather — I am hooked on recipes. Wednesday is the day for the Food section in many newspapers.  Sometimes, I just gaze and fantasize about a groovy new kitchen or some indispensible gadget I NEED, but lots of times, I stare at the recipes thinking of ways that I could make them easy. Last week, that’s what I was doing with The New York Times’ Dining section.


In this recipe for “Rustic Sugar Plum Crostada with Lemon Thyme,” Melissa Clark — and the photo — convinced me I could DO this. But the time recommended was 1 hour, 20 minutes plus 2 hours chilling. For me, that’s a lifetime.

Enter Immaculate Baking Pie Crust — the time was an hour.

I took the pie crust out while I was preheating the oven, sliced some ripe pluots, tossed them with sugar and corn starch. I like to let the crust sit for about half an hour to avoid cracking. Then I unrolled it on a cookie sheet, made some markings for folding the crust over, layered the plums in the center, pulled up the edges, layered on some lemon thyme sprigs and baked. Voila. It was amazing — a little tart, a little sweet. Take the sprigs off before  serving, but it’s ok if the thyme leaves stay put. YUM.

Rustic "Plum" Crostada

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