Now that Immaculate’s pie crust is hitting the stores (I even saw it on sale!), I decided to spend the weekend playing with it. I’m no expert baker, but I consider making homemade pie crust a feat of unnatural proportions. I can never quite get it right. I attribute this roadblock to my utter lack of patience, so when I want something, like pie, I want it immediately or sooner.

Wish come true.

For the purposes of this post, I wanted DINNER. So, I decided to make chicken pot pie. Crazy easy. First off, I took the pie crust out of the fridge. An important step. I preheated the oven, and started cooking onions, chicken, carrots, peas, a potato (one at a time, that is). In a big pot, I threw in some chicken broth (can) and brought it to a boil, then I turned it down, added some cream and corn starch, whisked it into a thickening frenzy, added all my goodies and let it cook on low for about a half hour.

After grabbing a glass pie dish, I unrolled (impatiently but gently) one of the crusts, poured the chicken mixture in, covered it with another unrolled pie crust, poked some holes, put it all on a cookie sheet and baked it until it was pretty – or browning. . . .

I let it sit and cool for a bit and then cut in — amazing.

Chicken pot pie!

Mini pot pie -- made with the crust scraps!

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