Fast dessert!

Apple Turnover in minutes

A few of you have asked for easy apple turnovers — now that it’s apple picking season — so we’ve gone into the vaults for an old post that does the trick. Enjoy!


Wow, we’ve had some snow here in the Northeast, and we’ve all been working pretty hard with those shovels. While we are not a dessert-every-night family, I’ve found cookies more frequently gracing our table after dinner – easy to pop a few Chocolate Peppermint cookies in the oven.

Dessert on the fly.

Last night, though, I had 2 apples way past their prime that were staring at me while I was making dinner. While I cooked, I took one Immaculate Baking pie crust from the package and let it sit on my counter.

I figured a few apples wouldn’t make a whole pie, but maybe one big turnover. After dinner, we were sitting at the table, talking about our day. The oven was still on from dinner, and I grabbed a bowl, baking dish, the crust, the apples, some sugar and cinnamon and sat right back down. While we sat there for a few minutes – really a few minutes – I peeled, chopped, spiced. I unrolled the crust into the baking dish, plopped the sugary, cinnamony apples into it, folded it in half, crimped a bit and popped it in the oven.


In no time, we were enjoying some fresh apple “pie.” Yum.

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