Guest Bloggers: The Write Stuff

It all started with a “I love Immaculate and I have a great idea to share . . . ” So many of you have great ideas to share that we’ve invited a few folks to start blogging for us. We’ll call it Guest Blogging Monday, and we’ll have our first installment on Monday, the 10th.

If you have an Immaculate story, or would like to try your hand at a blog, email me at There’s a small honorarium (free product!) for your time and efforts!

And tune in Monday . . . as I share the pens! Many thanks to our volunteers.

Guest Bloggers are Coming!

One thought on “Guest Bloggers: The Write Stuff

  1. elli says:

    Can’t wait to try the plum pie idea and wanted to offer one of my own…wish me luck… I just made a chicken pot pie using the IB pie crust with organic veggies and chicken and parm cheese and and and…its in the oven now..can’t wait…YUM!

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