Guest Blogger Monday — Pumpkin-Iced Cinnamon Rolls.

This week’s guest blogger is Danielle Knapp,  a 20-something banquet captain, soon to be first time mom living in Orlando, Florida with her husband and cat, Thomas O’Malley. According to Danielle, “I love cooking and baking and like to find simple recipes that I can spice up or make my own in some way. My husband loves trying all of the new things I attempt to make, and even when they don’t work out so well, he pretends they did anyway. Aside from being in the kitchen, I have a weakness for theme parks and Orlando makes the perfect home for that!”

Danielle has “spiced” up our cinnamon rolls, and they are the perfect Halloween treat!

The Florida heat is always brutal, but as a pregnant woman in my last trimester, it’s been unbearable. This week has been our first reprieve from the heat and for us Floridians, I’d even say the weather has been chilly. We’ve finally gotten our version of fall weather, and I felt it warranted a little celebration. My husband has been begging for cinnamon buns for a good 2 weeks now, and I thought this would be a great time to make them.

I used to be a grab-the-cheapest-brand-of-prepackaged-buns-kind-of-girl until I got pregnant. I started worrying about trans fats and all of those weird ingredients I could never pronounce ,and I knew I did not want to feed that stuff to my baby. On a trip to Whole Foods one day, I discovered Immaculate Baking’s cinnamon buns and have never looked back. I’ve made these before and they’re amazing, but today I wanted to do something a little different with them.

Bake as usual

I have a serious love of all things pumpkin – ice cream, muffins, bread, and now cinnamon buns. I wanted to make my husband cinnamon buns, but I was also having a major pumpkin craving and needed to figure out a way to mix the two. In an effort to keep it simple, I thought I would give flavoring the icing a try.  I baked the buns per the directions but decided to add pumpkin pie spice to the icing. I wanted to put it all over the inside of the buns as well, but I knew that would be too much pumpkin for my husband. How much pumpkin pie spice you use depends on how much pumpkin flavor you like. I squeezed the icing into a bowl and went with a liberal sprinkling (which was more like a pouring) of it into the icing. After mixing, it turned to a nice orange color with a little bit of pumpkin flavor, but I decided it needed a little more. All in all, I’d say I added almost 2 tbsp. of spice into the icing, and it was perfect.

Put the icing in a bowl.

About 2 TBSP Pumpkin Spice

They came out of the oven nice and brown, and I could hardly wait to get them iced. The flavor was amazing! The combination of pumpkin and cinnamon on a warm sticky bun worked so well together. Normally I can only eat one bun since they’re so big, but today I had to have 2! I thought this was a great, easy way to add a little bit more of a fall feeling to our breakfast, and my husband was begging for more. This may have to become a new way to make cinnamon buns in our house.

Add the pumpkin icing

Save one for the cook!

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