GhOst Blogger Monday — Seeing into the future!

Happy Halloween!

Of course, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. With the pumpkins and the candy, we play “dress up” with our  dough (orange sprinkles, anyone?) and we’re passing out Chocobilly snack bags in our neighborhoods tonight, but I thought it would be fun to make a few predictions for the week, since it seems a good day to peer into the crystal ball.

I see a money-saving coupon in our future. . . . yup, sometime in the next few weeks, many of you will find an Immaculate Baking coupon in your Sunday papers. . . . watch for it.

I also see a trip in our future . . . Immaculate Baking folks will be jetting to St. Louis (yes, home of the word-champion Cardinals) to visit our brand new canned-dough plant in Union, Missouri! It’s been a while in the making, but we’re looking forward to ribbon-cutting, and, of course, pictures!

In the meantime, we have costumes to make and cookies to bake. All on one cup of coffee. . . . Have a great Halloween.

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