THE EASIEST pumpkin pie you’ll ever make.

It’s a whole new world in our office! While we pride ourselves on offering natural, easy, delicious baking options, sometimes, we discover a product that is a perfect match for our vision. And we found it yesterday. Our friend, Jerry, was nice enough to send us samples of Kozy Shack pudding, and in this box of goodies, we found something called Pumpkin Pudding and Pie Filling. Put some Immaculate all-natural pie crust with this ambrosia, and you have fast, all natural, amazing-tasting, no clean-up pumpkin pie.

Two great tastes, taste great together . . . .

Kozy Shack provides an easy-to follow recipe, but here’s what we did: put a single crust (still in plastic package) on the counter for about a half hour. Since we have no preservatives or chemical softeners in our crust, you’ll want to bring it to room temp for easy handling. Preheat your oven to 400.

After 30 minutes, gently unroll the pie crust into a pie dish (8 or 9 inches) and press down. I trimmed the crust around the edges and saved the dough to make mini tarts. (Divide the dough into 3 balls and mold each into a little cup before putting them into a mini cupcake pan.) Pop the pie crust (and min tarts) into the oven for about 7 or 8 minutes. Let them cool a bit.

Using every scrap!

Take the Pudding/pie filling out of the fridge — try not to eat it all, though a taste won’t hurt — and scoop it into your crust. Toss it back in the oven for about a half hour — I like to cover the crust with some foil.

No cutting, seeds, spicing . . .

Tempted to eat without baking

Cool a bit, and put in the refridge for an hour or 2. It will firm up! AND THEN, ALERT THE TROOPS! We all enjoyed some dessert after lunch (and can you believe, some of us  never had pumpkin pie?). Looks like Thanksgiving dessert will be easy . . .

Disappearing dessert.

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