Guest Blogger Monday: Chicken’n’Cheese Rolls

We’re happy to welcome our guest blogger, Danielle Knapp, back! Here, she whips up an amazing chicken dinner. I know what’s on our menu for this week. . . . Thanks, Danielle.

As I get closer and closer to my due date (only 3 weeks away – woo hoo), I’ve been trying to find recipes and make dinners that are fast, easy, and don’t require a lot of ingredients. I had some Immaculate crescent rolls and chicken calling my name in the refrigerator, so I knew those were going to be my bases for the dinner. After searching around online, I found a good chicken crescent roll recipe that seemed easy and really tasty.


Since it’s just the two of us and I like to get two nights worth of dinner out of each meal, I knew this recipe would work really well for us. All I needed was a pound of chicken, a package of crescent rolls, shredded cheddar cheese, milk, and cream of chicken soup. I’m not a big fan of using condensed soups and since I had a cream cheese based garlic flavored cooking cream I decided to use that instead. If you don’t love garlic like we do, I would suggest using the plain cooking cream or using cream of chicken soup as this does give it a really good garlic flavor.

Half way through my chicken cooking (350 degrees for 25-30 minutes) I started to prep the rest of dinner. I threw some potatoes in the oven, washed my broccoli, and started on the rest of the chicken dinner. I unrolled my crescent rolls, got my casserole dish greased, and started to cook the cooking cream. I warmed up the cooking cream with a ½ cup of milk so it would have more of a soupy consistency, but still have a little thickness to it. I also decided to add some thyme and onion powder for a little bit of extra flavor. When the chicken was finished, I cut it into bite size pieces and put around 4 pieces on each roll – basically just enough to fill out the wider part of the roll. I then sprinkled on the cheddar cheese, using about 1 tbsp. per roll.

Chicken and cheese on crescent rolls.

The tricky part is getting them to close nicely. They don’t exactly roll so much as you just have to get them closed. I pulled the pointy triangle tip over the chicken part and basically pulled up and down on the edges to get them to close. It’s not going to look pretty necessarily, but you want to close it so none of the cheesy goodness leaks out. After closing them, I put them in the casserole dish and poured the cooking cream/milk mixture over top.

Close them up.

Add sauce.

I let them cook for 30 minutes and they came out perfectly. The creamy mixture kept everything nice and moist and the crescent rolls were nice and fluffy. My husband loved this dinner and asked me to add it to our usual repertoire of dinners. I really enjoyed how great this tasted and how easy it was. I figured how could you go wrong with some sort of meat and cheese inside of a flaky crescent roll? This will be a perfect meal to make once our little Nugget arrives.


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