Gift Blogger Monday: Delicious Treats for the Holidays

We’re giving our fantastic guest bloggers a well-deserved holiday break; they’ll be back!

Here’ what we’re up to this week: baking and gifting. Neither has to take a lot of time or money — just some thought and creative fun.

Here in the Northeast, we usually have a bit of snow by now, but nothing since Halloween. So we decided to bring our snowmen-building impulses in house. We’re getting creative with our Chocolate Peppermint cookie dough. . . .

Snowman family

Here’s what you need:

1 package of Immaculate Baking Chocolate Peppermint cookie dough (or your favorite flavor)

Edible decorating goodies (we used crushed candy canes, butterscotch chunks, and mint chips).

What you'll need

Preheat the oven as directed and take three pods of dough. Leave one alone. Cut one in half and add that half to the third pod. Now, you have three balls of dough in 3 different sizes. Stack them on top of each other on a cookie sheet, so there is about an inch between each (you want them to melt into each other.)

Space and decorate

Then decorate.

The goodies will melt into the snowmen.

I used crushed canes for the bottom, butterscotch chunks for middle buttons, candy cane shards for a nose, and peppermint chips for eyes. One package of dough will make 8 snowmen — a pretty big family! I make 4 on each cookie sheet, pop them in the oven, and watch them closely. Let them cool for a while and arrange as you like.


We’re also baking up Gingerbread and Peppermint cookies and packaging them in pretty cellophane for delicious gifts: teachers, mail carriers, neighbors. If you leave some for the big, bearded man in red, you’ll want to unwrap — he’s not crazy about taking off his gloves . .. .

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