Guest Recipe Monday: PB, Jelly and Banana Lunch!

PB & J roll ups AND PB, J, and Banana Open-faced sandwich.

Happy Monday! Facing a week-long menu of packed lunches can be overwhelming, but I was inspired by an idea from an Immaculate fan last week. Beth wrote:  “I’ve also made little pockets of peanut butter and jelly. (seal the ends tightly by pinching them) Bake, let them cool a bit and it’s the perfect lunch/snack for my three year old.” What a great idea, so into the kitchen I went.

I took some peanut butter (though you can use cashew, almond or soy butter) and some homemade raspberry jam (again, any kind of jelly or jam will do). I also had an aging banana that would never pass muster in one of the lunchboxes I pack in the morning. Preheat your oven and get some baking sheets.

For the rollups, I used 4 (a half can) of our crescent rolls and unrolled them on the sheet into their flat, triangle shape. Then, I took the other 4 pieces, also unrolled and made one flat piece, pinching the separations together. Next, I gathered my ingredients.

Lay out crescent roll triangles

Gather ingredients for filling

On the triangles, spread a thinnish layer each of PB and jelly. Then ROLL from wide to narrow.

On the rectangular piece, do the same in the center. Then, add some sliced banana. Fold up the four edges.

Roll the PB and Jelly up

Prepare the tart.

Then bake them. I keep an eye on things, and when the dough is golden brown, they are done. They can get a bit messy, but once they cool, everything firms up! The open-faced tart will take a bit longer to bake. Let everything cool. I put them in the refridge overnight, then sliced the tart in the morning, sending the kids with a roll up and a slice.


When they got home that day, they were effusive and requested that lunch again (and there was more in the refridge for tomorrow!) Plus, the greatest compliment, another parent had heard about the treats and called for the recipe!

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