Guest Recipe Monday: The Valentine’s Basket

Right before Mother’s Day last year, an Immaculate Baking fan told me about the “baked” basket she planned to deliver to her new-mom sister.  I’ve been playing with this great idea for Valentine’s Day, so I hit the kitchen, armed with Vanilla Sugar and Gluten Free  Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough. I also brought along some popsicle sticks, frosting, and lots of decorating sugar toppings.

Easy start

I put some of the Vanilla Sugar cookies on popsicle sticks, some of the Gluten Free Jumbo cookies in mini-muffin tins, and then I baked a bunch the regular old way. Once the oven was preheated, I tossed everything in.

Once everything was baked and cooled, I enlisted the troops (by bribing them with cookie-pops) to help decorate and arrange the basket. I know this is a trial run, but I’m making up some of these baskets for Valentine’s Day. Any great Valentine Baking ideas? Send them along!

Valentine Basket

Vanilla Sugar POP

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