Guest Blogger Monday: An Immaculate Childhood

For some of you, last week was school vacation; thanks to many of you who let us know how you incorporated Immaculate into your special week! This week, guest blogger, Melissa Bethoney, tells us about her own kind of special week. . . .

“We’re going to have a week of no tv,” was probably not the way I should have announced to my two-year old that I felt it was time to take a break from the tube. The afternoon habit of watching half an hour of programing had become an hour long ritual that I felt was getting a bit out of hand. “Noooooo!” was the reaction (quite predictably) that ensued. It was one of those Mommy Moments where I knew I had played the situation entirely wrong and needed to defuse things before an all out tantrum/melt-down/fiasco followed. Cookies, bake cookies… chocolate chip cookies – you have them in your freezer, said the voice in my head. Thank you, voice, that is exactly what we did. Disaster averted, toddler happy, house smelling like fresh baked goods, Mommy happy and television off. What have I learned? Aside form never announcing your policy change plans to your little one, it’s to have a package of Chocolate Chunk cookie dough at the ready in case of emergencies.

Marissa writes for her personal blog,

A magic wand and Immaculate Cookies!

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