Guest Artist Monday: Johanne Cassia

Johanne Cassia sharing a perfect New England landscape

We’re so pleased to announce a new member of the Immaculate Baking Family! Folk Artist, Johanne Cassia, made us smile with her Lemon Slice Tree, a piece that will grace our upcoming Lemon Sugar Cookie Dough.

Lemon Slice Tree

Johanne  is a self-taught folk artist telling stories with paint. Inspired by the landscapes of New England, the changes of the seasons and the history of America, Johanne has painted murals, overmantels and primitive villages.  She enjoys depicting life during a “simpler time.”  We were so lucky to find Johanne right in our backyard in Ipswich, MA, and we were delighted by her unique rendition of a lemon tree.

While not shipping yet, the Lemon Sugar Cookie Dough tastes as good as it sounds — we’ve been sampling it here, and wait until you taste it rolled in coconut!

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