Gluten Free/Dairy Free Ice “Cream” Sandwiches.

As we gear up for a big Independence Day bash on Cape Cod, I began experimenting with desserts. We certainly have lots of inspiration here, and I was overwhelmed by the possibilities. Then I remembered our friends and family with special diets: no gluten, no lactose, and it came to me: ice cream sandwiches. These are so easy to make using your favorite soy or rice ice “cream” scooped between our gluten free / dairy free cookies. And NO one feels left out because everyone will love them!

For my first batch, I baked some gluten free/dairy free fudge brownie cookies and let them cool.

Then I scooped some vanilla rice cream onto one cookie, squeezed another on top, wrapped in plastic or waxed paper and tossed them in the freezer. Each package of gluten free cookie dough will make 6 big sandwiches. I’ll fill a cooler with ice and bring them to the beach after the marshmallows are roasted!

3 thoughts on “Gluten Free/Dairy Free Ice “Cream” Sandwiches.

  1. Tammy says:

    Ooohh… I didn’t you had another flavor of gluten free cookie! I’ll have to watch for those in the store. Ice cream sandwiches are just better with brownie cookies. 🙂

  2. sharon hollis says:

    we love all your goodies! HEB in Killeen TX does not carry your bisquits anymore. They did for awhile and I bought them often . What happened to them? We loved those too! I make the ice cream sandwiches alot, They are terrific!

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