Guest Blogger Monday: The Hostess Gift.

Thanks to Marissa B. for this great suggestion on putting a perfect host(ess) gift together! Be sure to check out her blog, Side of Sparkle.


With the holiday season comes the need for creative hostess gifts. Sure, a bottle of wine (or better, champagne) fits the bill, but it’s the thought that counts, right? So think about your recipient or the occasion and flex those creative muscles. I really like the idea of bringing something homemade. This collection is meant to provide the basics for a morning after treat. I know the last thing on my mind when throwing a bash is what I’ll have for breakfast the next day. Bake some scones, toss in some preserves (cider syrup or honey butter work well too) add a bag of coffee, a few extra goodies and ta-da! You have a thoughtful gift your host is sure to appreciate and remember you by. I rely on Immaculate Baking Company’s blueberry scones for delicious home baked goodness. Gone are the mornings spent wringing my hands in distress as I await the outcome of my from-scratch scone baking attempts. I have yet to try the cranberry orange version because the blueberry is so darn good!


One thought on “Guest Blogger Monday: The Hostess Gift.

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