Guest Recipe Monday! Toddler lunch AND Samosas. . . .

Thanks to our guest blogger, Danielle Knapp, for TWO great crescent roll ideas!

Knapp lunch

Being a stay at home mom is a lot of fun. One of my biggest challenges right now with my son is food, specifically at lunchtime. It seems like only a few short months ago he was willing to eat any and everything we put in front of him. Peas? Sure, mom. Avocado? My favorite! Now if I give him anything green, he happily throws it onto the floor. Thank goodness for organic baby food pouches, or else this child would never eat a green vegetable.

I’ve only recently tried lunchmeat with him, and so far, it’s been hit or miss. One day he loves turkey, the next day, it’s back on the floor. I thought, why not make his lunchmeat extra tasty by putting it inside of an Immaculate Baking crescent roll? This lunch was fast and easy to make. I took mozzarella string cheese, lunchmeat, and crescent rolls. I cut the string cheese into pieces, wrapped lunchmeat around it, and then wrapped a crescent roll around that. 15 minutes later, they were done and ready to eat.

My son seemed intrigued by his tasty looking lunch. He’s used to getting bread or rice cakes, so this was new for him. Thankfully he dived right in and loved it! I’ve never seen him eat a “sandwich” so quickly. This will definitely been a new lunch staple for us, and hopefully I can sneak a few veggies inside of it next time.

Since I only used half of the packet of crescent rolls for our lunch, I decided to make a healthier version of samosas for dinner. Instead of doing the traditional version with potatoes and peas, I decided to do extra lean ground beef with potatoes (no peas since Hubby is allergic).

I browned ½ lb of beef with a clove of chopped garlic. I then added a chopped and cooked potato you can also just buy a can of white potatoes) along with some curry spice and a can of green chiles. I sort of winged it on the amount of spice to add, so I would start with a tsp. and adjust from there. Once it was done cooking, I spooned some of the mixture onto the crescent roll. I took the pointed skinny part and brought it towards the big end. Then I pinched the sides together on top to form a little pocket and then pinched the edges together to seal it. After baking at 350 for 20 minutes, they were golden brown and smelling delicious.

Knapp, Samosas
I’ve been craving Indian food, but didn’t want to have the extra calories of frying samosas. Turns out the baked version is not only healthier, but a great, tasty substitute for the fried version. I served them with mango chutney on top and rice and Hubby has now requested these go into our regular dinner rotation.

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