Guest Recipe Monday: Biscuit Rings

In the midst of all the snow we’ve had lately, when I am not shoveling, I am fantasizing about Spring — waiting for my crocuses and imagining a lovely Spring dinner table.  Back around Thanksgiving, we heard from Charlotte, and writing to us from California, she shared her recipe for a perfect, edible, and easy, table adornment — a biscuit ring. I began experimenting last week, and I’m planning on using these for Easter Dinner.

Biscuit Ring6

Depending on what herbs or adornments will compliment your meal, you have lots of flexibility here. I went pretty simple, using rosemary (dried from last year’s plant!) and sesame seeds. But I’ve been fantasizing about using Herbs de Provence, sage, and tarragon — or some combination thereof. A friend also suggested I could get even more sophisticated by making some lavender butter, but. . .

Here are the basics:

Biscuit Ring 2

You need a can of Immaculate’s Biscuits (I chose Flaky, ’cause that’s what was on hand).

Some butter, melted.

Sesame Seeds, Chopped Dried Rosemary, or your favorite.

I also used a pastry brush, a mezzaluna for chopping the rosemary (because it has a cool name), some cooking spray, and a Bundt pan.

Preheat the oven and carefully open the biscuit can. Butter the top of each biscuit and cover the buttered side with as much — or as little — of the sesame seeds or rosemary. I went light on the rosemary, heavy on the seeds. Charlotte also suggested you could alternate between each biscuit. Place in the pan, smooshing a bit as you go along. For my first experiment, I used 7 of the biscuits — too little. For the second, I was bolder and put in the whole can. I like this better, and if I have an extra can, I might try to squeeze in a few more.

Biscuit Ring 3

Then bake, keeping a good eye! You want the biscuits browning a little bit. After cooling, I turned the pan into a dish, then turned the ring onto another dish for serving. Aside from making the office smell amazing, the biscuits are easy to tear apart and totally delicious. Enjoy!

Biscuit Ring 5Biscuit Ring 4

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    Biscuit Rings | Better Cookies”. I will become heading back to ur blog before long.
    Thank you -Katharina

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