Emergency Birthday Cake (Chocolate Rolls!)

BD Cake 8

Saturday morning, the kids decided at the last minute to have some friends over, and upon arrival we learned it was someone’s birthday. Since it was a beautiful day, and I felt like getting into the garden for a bit, I was loathe to whip together a cake from scratch, so knowing the birthday boy was a chocolate lover, I improvised! With only a can of Chocolate Sweet Rolls on hand, I fashioned this 20-minute chocolate “cake.” So easy.

You’ll need

A can of Immaculate Baking Chocolate Rolls (set aside icing)

A tablespoon of Cocoa

Some chocolate chips.

Preheat the oven to 350, and open the can (carefully — under pressure!). Set aside icing. Place one roll in tact in the center of a baking sheet. Take a second roll and unravel. Wrap this roll around the first one and repeat until you have a big roll.

BD Cake 1

BD Cake 2

BD Cake 3

Bake. Watch it closely, since you want the center to cook all the way.

While it’s baking, put the icing into a bowl, add the cocoa and mix together.

BD Cake 5

BD Cake 6

Remove the “cake” from the oven (about 20 minutes) and let cool for a bit.

BD Cake 7

Spread the “frosting” and adorn with chocolate chips and candles. Voila!

Cut as you would a cake.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Birthday Cake (Chocolate Rolls!)

  1. Neat idea.. bet he loved it..nice in a pinch. I don’t think I have ever seen CHOCOLATE rolls here in Mi though I would have to check. :=)

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