Recipe Monday: “Hot Pockets” at Home!


One of my kids is not a fan of leftovers for lunch, but if I recycle the leftovers in some way, he’s none the wiser. So one morning, after grilling way too much steak the night before, I chopped up the meat, mixed in some cheddar cheese and put it between 2 squares (or 4 triangles) of crescent rolls. A huge hit, and requested again for later this week. I imagine it could be great with bacon and eggs, chicken, and I’ve been challenged to try it with left over moo shu tofu.

Once you decide on the stuffing, here’s all you need to do.

Preheat the oven to 350 and open the crescent roll canister (carefully!).Unroll a “square,” but don’t separate as you normally would into triangles. Use a fork to rbing the perforation together a bit.


Put the filling into the center, leaving about a half inch around the border of the dough.


Grab another square of dough and, again,  smooth over the perforations with a fork. Place on top of the other filled square, and use a fork to seal the edges.


Bake until the dough browns a bit (about 15 minutes) and let cool since the pocket will be HOT!

Wrap in waxed paper, pack in lunch box, and wait for the after school compliments!


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