Simple. Pure. And From the Heart

For our new friends who may not know, Immaculate Baking is a HUGE fan of folk art! We love the bright colors, the genuine self-expression, the fascinating stories behind each piece of art, and the incredible life journey of these talented self-taught artists! We believe folk art is the very definition of homemade: Simple, pure and from the heart, all of which mirror our food philosophy and our approach to making our goodies! We are excited to share some of our favorite masterpieces from our folk art collection, along with the amazing individuals who breathed life into unexpected materials!

Carl Dixon

43a. Carl Dixon

Carl Dixon, Immaculate Consumption, original cafe signage

    14. Carl DixonCarl Dixon, “Bicycle“, featured on Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough.

46. Carl DixonCarl Dixon, featured on Triple Chocolate Cookie Dough

13. Carl DixonCarl Dixon, “B.B. King

4. Carl Dixon

Carl Dixon, “Robert Kennedy

RA Miller

SGIIBC14OZTRIPLEC.pdfOne of R.A. Miller’s best known work, Blow Oskar (1998), as inspired by his neighbor Oskar, who always honks his carn horn when driving by, is featured on the package of our Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Some of his other work in our collection include:

12. R.A. Miller

11. R.A. Miller

10. R.A. Miller

Leonard JonesSGIIBC14OZTRIPLEC.pdf

Leonard Jones, “Sax Player”, Gluten Free Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough. His other works include:

22. Leonard Jones

36. Leonard Jones

47. Leonard Jones 17. Leonard Jones

Earl Simmons

GF_PB 3928960101Earl Simmons, “Truck“. Fun trivia: It was our Facebook fans who voted for Earl’s artwork to be featured on our New Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookie Dough!

42. Earl Simmons

We’ve also had the opportunity to meet several new artists when we visited The Slotkin Folk Art Festival this August. You’ll be seeing their artwork on our new products, coming soon to stores near you!

butterflyAndy Saczynski, “Bon Temps Butterfly (Good Times Butterfly)”


Bebo (a.k.a. John Paul Daniel), “Gator” The BandPat Juneau, “The Band

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