Cinnamon Pie Sticks x Liberte® Coconut Yogurt

Pie baking season has started and will be in full force in a few more weeks (if it hasn’t in your house already…)! The best part of it all is obviously the rich and comforting aromatic symphony of cinnamon spices, sugar and fruity-ness, caramelizing and oozing into the perfectly golden crust. It’s a welcoming force field of intoxicating sweetness that would shroud your kitchen and the rest of the house for days to come.

I could live off just smelling that through the winter.

But after all the rolling and filling and baking and smelling and eating the pies (burp), you’re left with a counter top of pie dough scraps. I, for one, am a little bit embarrassed to admit just how much of the pie dough goes to waste when I bake a pie! So here’s a fun idea that will reincarnate the pie dough scraps to something fun and tasty!

Cinnamon Pie Sticks_BlogWhy throw the pie dough away when you can make crunchy yummy cinnamon sticks with it?

Take the leftover pie dough scraps, knead in some sugar and ground cinnamon, cut them into strips and braid them (or not, I was feeling a bit fancy when I made this).


For more flavor amp, sprinkle on additional sugar and cinnamon over the braided sticks. And then stick it in the oven and bake at 400 degree F for 6~8 minutes or until golden brown. Then, here comes the exciting part: pop open a cup of Liberte® Méditerranée Coconut Yogurt (or whichever flavor is your favorite) for a creamy-licious dip, and you’re all set for a little Autumn afternoon treat!


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