Guest Blogger: Macaroon Ghosts & Spiders

I’ve recently come to learn that when it comes to gearing up for some trick or treating action, nobody gets more angsty than the parents. The kiddos are too young and care-free to capitulate the amount of chaotic coordination that goes into plopping them into a perfectly-fitted, hazard-free, and age-appropriate zombie/Wonder Woman/ Thor costume, complete with accessories that won’t poke out another little monster’s eyes or trip up a fellow trick or treating Disney princess. AND THEN the really overachieving parents have to somehow squeeze in time to dream up and make crazy impressive themed treats just to get those miniature superheroes and glittery-furry munchkins to go, “oooooooh. ahhhhh.”

Like I said, a lot of angst for mom and dad.

coconut ghosts


Well, that’s what Immaculate Baking is here for! We want to help make sure that all parents who do want to overachieve in the next 2 days can, and that they overachieve with easy breezy coolness. And so we’ve brought out some big guns to give you a couple “Not-Tricky Last Minute” treat ideas! Our very good friend, Marissa at Sugar & Spouse is just full of spook-takular ideas, including these faBoolously coconut-y ghosts and yummy chocolate covered spider macaroons using our new Coconut Macaroon Cookie Dough! See her full recipe here!

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