Guest Blogger: Chocolate Chip S’mores Bar

I don’t know how we went from a crisp and comfortable Autumn day to dark and gloomy with a chance of snow, all in a matter of a week… but it is that time of the year. Fortunately, chillier and darker weather also legitimizes some baking therapy (not that we need any justification). They call certain treats comfort food for good reason, and I’m feeling like I could use some, especially on days when it looks bedtime when it’s really only 4:30pm…

Chocolate Chip S'mores Bar

Our blogger friend Jamie from Love Bakes Good Cakes knows more than just baking good cakes, she also bakes up great cookies! With just 3 simple ingredients, her Chocolate Chip S’mores Bar lets us savor the sweet taste of summer just a bit longer as we head into the dead of winter. See her full recipe here!

Inspiration Tip: Try making this recipe gluten free with Immaculate Baking Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough or Gluten Free Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough!

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