Bacon Pecan Cookie Waffles!

So… it’s Pecan Day AND International Waffle Day today!

Don’t mistaken National Pecan Day (4/14/14) with Pecan Day (3/25/14). Apparently there’s a difference between the two like International Waffle Day (3/25/14) is different from National Waffle Day (8/24/14). It’s all very confusing, but really all we care about getting some waffles! So the Immaculate solution to make everyone happy is… make some Pecan Waffles!

And then I threw in some bacon just cuz.

Bacon Pecan Cookie Waffles


So this is what you do: You get 1 pack of our Immaculate Baking Co. ® refrigerated Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough. Let it soften a little in room temperature before you add in 2 eggs and mix it with an electric mixer. I added a couple tablespoons of milk just to make sure the consistency is a little bit closer to a typical waffle batter. Then I added chopped up pecans and cooked bacon bits. Your waffle maker should be already preheated by now, and now we can let the waffle making begin! Of course, you can’t have waffles without drizzling on (or in my case, smothering it…) some maple syrup!

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