Gluten Free PB & J Cookie Cups

Wait, what, there’s a National PB & J Day? Why, there is, and it’s always on 4/2.

I know I know, I do this fake surprised thing a lot on many of our blog posts, but you have to admit (at least I did), that the ridiculously wide range of random bizarro food related holidays that people have made up never ceases to amaze. And then I’ll just go ahead and speak for everyone when I say at the end of day, we will gladly take one more justified reason to chow down on some of our favorite foods. Not that you ever really need any reason or justification for peanut butter and jelly 🙂

PB&J Cookie CupsThis is a super easy treat where there really isn’t a list of ingredients, because you only need 3 – Immaculate Baking Co.® Gluten Free Peanut Butter refrigerated cookie dough, some of your favorite fruit jam/preserves/jelly (what’s the difference between the three?), and then if you’d like, a few banana chips for garnish.

Heat oven at 350, and spray your 24 mini muffin tin with cooking spray. I halved each of the 12 cookie dough round, and plop them into the mini muffin tins, shaping them into little cups as I did. Bake for about 15 min. or until golden brown. Let them cool before you plop the jam into the little cups. And presto! It’s a PB & J treat with a twist. AND it’s gluten free!

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