Blueberry Pancakes

Gone are the days where we had to make pancakes with Immaculate Baking cookie dough. (Hey you can still totally do it if you want cookies for breakfast. I mean who wouldn’t? ) We thought we’d make everybody’s life easier, so we just introduced a brand new line of scratch baking mixes, which includes our new pancake and waffle mix!

I’ve come to realize that some of the best things in life are the ones that are simple, real and made from the heart. So while yes, we do get a little bit crazy and fancy with food ideas and recipes here from time to time, there are still moments where it’s just nice to get back to the basics and not complicate a good thing. And pancake is one that comes to mind.

Blueberry Pancakes1

My friends threw a slumber party without me. So to participate in spirit, I did my part and contributed to their brunch menu, which turned out to be beautiful stacks of blueberry pancakes.

It’s nothing fancy, but is everything wholesome and yummy that you’d look for in a good hearty breakfast! Best part? It’s uber easy – just get a box of Immaculate Baking Pancake & Waffle mix, get the batter going as directed on the box, get a handful of fresh or frozen blueberries, and sprinkle into the batter once it’s in the pan. My friends held off mixing the blueberries into the batter ahead of time just so the pancakes won’t turn blue. A delicious breakfast doesn’t come any easier than this 😉

DRY-PancakeWaffleMix (1)


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