Pecan Chocolate Crescent Roll-Ups!

By now, you must know how The Queen of Immaculate Baking rolls – we like yummy foods, we love getting creative in the kitchen, and we’r all about putting our own little twists on classics. Baking makes us (and our tummies) happy because we have so much fun throwing on ingredients and creating sheer yumminess in a way that best express us.

And here’s one of our favorite simplest classics for you to have all kinds of crazy making fun with: Chocolate Crescent Rolls!

chocolate filled crescent rolls

There is no science to this – you pop open a can of Immaculate Baking Co. ™  refrigerated crescent rolls, you separate the triangles, and sprinkle on whatever ingredients that speaks to you, roll them up, pop them in the oven and bake them as directed on package for 12-14 minutes, and boom, yumminess is served.

Today we’re in the mood for chocolate and pecans. Melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips or milk chocolate chips or whatever you’re craving for, and drizzle it over the baked chocolate-pecan-filled crescent rolls. Hmmm mmmm now these are sure ways to get Santa to stop over your house this Christmas 🙂

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