Easter Bunny Biscuit Pizza

It’s kind of hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we’re already in April when there’s still ice on the ground, and ginormous snow dunes on the side of the roads that will take another couple months to fully melt. But Spring is right around the corner, and so is Easter!

For many, Easter is all about believing in something bigger than you; for others it’s all about the rabbit, and the egg hunt. For us though, it really is about just being with family and sharing an omnomnom moment. So we put Alicia, our Manager of Awesome, to work, and had her create a fun Easter food idea that’s sure to make your kiddos giggle, laugh and asking for seconds!

Easter Bunny Pizza Biscuit


I’ve blogged about a couple biscuit pizza recipes in the past, but none as fun or as cute or as thematic as this one! Alicia put her own little twist to it by stuffing the bunny face (aka biscuit) with extra pepperoni, cheese and pizza sauce, which is something that I’d totally recommend. I personally like my biscuits to come with juicy, savory filling, so this is a highly endorsed extra step to pack in more flavors and really hop it up! (see what I did there??)

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Winter Squash Veggie Pizza

Veggies seem to be particularly on trend right around January when everybody’s trying to stick to some sort of new and better eating regimen. Well, you’re on the Immaculate Baking blog, so you know the only regimen we care about is wholesome yumminess! So of course we’ve got some Immaculate veggie variations that you can dig into and still feel great about, even in January!

I had a sudden craving for anything with squash puree, and wanted to get a bit creative with how I’d be able to pair ┬áit with our Immaculate goodies. After some quick keyword search, my brainchild emerged as this Winter Squash Veggie Pizza!

Winter Squash Pizza_blog

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