Bourbon Cupcakes

If you recall, I was on a crazy boozy treat kick a couple months ago. But if there’s ever a good time to go all out with boozy treats, I’d think Christmas leading up to the New Year would probably be it. I think it’s only right to celebrate the season with some chocolate and some alcohol, so I’m raising both hands to some Bourbon Cupcakes!

Bourbon Cupcakes


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Creamy Cinnamon Biscuit Waffles

We are counting down to Christmas! We know you’re probably all set for Christmas Eve dinner and cookies for Santa, but we thought you might need some ideas for Christmas morning breakfast!

We’ve done Waffle Iron Cinnamon Rolls in the past, but did you know you could make waffle iron biscuits, too? And boy, are they deeeeeelicious!

Biscuit Waffles1


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Cranberry-Brie Crescent Mini Cups

It certainly seems like we’re on a cranberry roll! But nothing pairs with brie quite like cranberries, raspberries or any sort of fruity berry jam or jelly! And yes, it’s not a Christmas party until you’ve served up some brie!

Pinterest_Brie Tartlets


In case you’re looking for other brie appetizer inspirations, we have quite the collection ready for your peruse, everything this cute little cranberry brie cup, to brie with a little more kick, to a lighter warmer touch with a pear pairing, or back to the classic with apples and pecan. Honestly, you just can’t go wrong with baked brie!

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Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

We were thrilled to see how much people liked our Pear Upside-Down Cake, so we decided to one-up our upside-down cake portfolio, and share this delicious cranberry upside-down cake, which would be perfect for a holiday dessert this Christmas!



I do have to completely honest with you: It took a couple tries to actually get the cranberries to stay on the bottom in the pan, so the berries can be on top once it’s turned upside-down. But here’s the good news: Whether the berries stay on top or in the bottom, this yummy treat is still ¬†as delicious as ever!

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Strawberry Santa Hat Brownies

Somebody arbitrarily deemed cookies to be the designated treats for Christmas. Well, I beg to differ! Because today’s National Brownie Day, and we’re gonna have us some brownies, and not just any brownies, but these uber adorbs Strawberry Santa Hat Brownies!

Strawberry Santa Hat Brownies


I’ve a feeling that if you left these out for Santa this year, you might end up with better presents. Just sayin’.

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Chocolatey Yumminess Bundt Cake

Is it just me, or does December just scream, CHOCOLATE!

Okay, it might just be me, but the fact that you’re reading on means that you kinda feel the same! And as the Immaculate Baking Queen’s proxy, it is my duty to make sure that you and your family enjoy your fair share of immaculate chocolatey yumminess this holiday season!

chocolate bundt cake

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Pecan Chocolate Crescent Roll-Ups!

By now, you must know how The Queen of Immaculate Baking rolls – we like yummy foods, we love getting creative in the kitchen, and we’r all about putting our own little twists on classics. Baking makes us (and our tummies) happy because we have so much fun throwing on ingredients and creating sheer yumminess in a way that best express us.

And here’s one of our favorite simplest classics for you to have all kinds of crazy making fun with: Chocolate Crescent Rolls!

chocolate filled crescent rolls

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