Loaded Potato Quiche

I’ve always been curious about however whenever did it come to be that ham is the protein of choice at Easter. But if we’re going to have brunch AND we’re going to serve, I figured we should do it in a fun, easy and yummy way! And so I give you Loaded Potato Quiche! Just layering on all your favorite ingredients like ham, hashbrown, cheddar cheese and bacon. Oh my word, what is there not to love!!!


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Cheesy Ham & Apple Roll-Ups

The best part about crescent rolls is that it’s a deliciously edible blank canvas that you can really make your own! You can come up with hundreds and thousands of roll-up combinations, you just need to get creative! And honestly, sometimes the best combinations are simple ingredients that you always have in your fridge. We love being creative, but there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the tried and true and with what you know! And if you ask me, I’d say ham and apple with some cheddar cheese is one winning combination that you just can’t go wrong!

ham apple roll_blog


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