Chocolate Hazelnut Braid Bread

I figured it was about time that I graduated from baking mix and refrigerated dough baking to some hard core scratch baking where yeast and rising dough would be involved. I went recipe shopping on line and quickly came across one that caught my eye right away! What better recipe to start than one that uses A LOT of chocolate hazelnut spread! Whatever happens, at least it’ll taste good.

braid 3

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Immaculate Holiday Thumbprint Cookies

It seems to be right around this time of the year when the cookie exchange frenzy begins.

When you think about it, yes, it is a fun idea and a great way to bring friends and even the whole neighborhood together over yummy treats, but at the same, it just seems to be putting a lot of extra pressure on yourself. I mean, you’ve already been tasked to shop for a whole bunch of people (who, more often than not, are folks you rarely ever see throughout the year, thus making gift-shopping extra challenging and your headache extra severe), to pick out a tree, set up the tree and decorate it, and to have to schedule fun activities to keep the kiddos entertained in between now and when school starts back up again. Like I said, extra pressure on an already full plate.

So yes, I get that there’s that taciturn rule that holiday cookie exchanges are times when you’re expected to put your scratch baking prowess to the test. But honestly, with all that you’ve already got going on, how ’bout you let us help you out just a little bit this year? We promise you’ll still be able to put your very own mark on these Immaculate Holiday cookies!

Easy Holiday Thumbprint Cookies_blog

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Chocolate Hazelnut Marshmallow Cookie Tarts

I shared a Chocolate Chips S’mores Cookie Bar recipe from our blogger friend Jamie at Love Bakes Good Cakes last week, and I was just blown away by how popular it was, even though the balding branches and frost-laden lawns continue to remind us that summer is no more… Obviously, chocolate and marshmallows is just one of those things that withstand the test of seasonality, people just want s’more anytime, all the time!

So. The dessert idea for the day is dedicated to those chocolate and marshmallow fans – Chocolate Hazelnut Marshmallow Cookie Tarts! Yes, we promise that it tastes as good as it sounds, if not better! Best part about it? You can make them gluten free with our Immaculate Baking Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough!

Hazelnut Marshmallow Cream

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