The Queen

Okay, this is where we start getting into the insider scoop. Here’s a little Immaculate Baking trivia: Did you know that the yellow person on our logo is actually a queen?

The Queen_LogoShe might not look like much, but The Queen is actually a cartoon-y reincarnation of this piece of incredible art by Richard Burnside!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARichard Burnside, Queen, 2000, acrylic on wood

Richard Burnsdie

Richard is a true character with a vivacious sense of humor. Often painting with his fingers instead of the brushes, he has an amazing eye for color and typically portrays subjects such as Egyptian kings and queens and other traditional African symbols.A truly prolific artist, Richard decorates his paintings with vivid dot patterns in his signature “aboriginal” style.

“Hey! Aren’t there polka dots all over the Immaculate Baking products?” you ask.

Ding ding ding! That is correct! Richard has been such an inspiration to our brand – Not only did his artwork help us create our exotic logo mascot (she is technically Egyptian after all), he has also inspired us to make polka dots a part of our signature look!

And then you have yours truly, the blogger, baker, photographer, Facebooker, doodler and cinnamon roll muncher, more widely known as Angela among the Immaculate Bakers here, who will be channeling The Queen and reporting to you live on all the Immaculate Baking latest and greatest! With The Queen as my witness, I’ll do my very best to inspire you to bake well, have fun, be creative and give back!


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